SOO Games 2017

Date: 25 2017 12:00

SOO Games for 2017, have been changed back to the last weekend in March (25th – 26th), the reasoning behind the change back are:

(a)     It was decided by the organisers at the NAGM that April being the Month of Easter 14th till 17th & ANZAC on the 25th, to have the SOO in the same Month will make it too hectic.

(b)     Thus leaving April free to do rides & enjoy the Easter holidays

Making the SOO games a chance for those Members joining in to do what this Club was created for, to Ride, the camaraderie of fellow Brothers & Sisters, spin some Warries & have a cleansing ale or three afterwards.

States are asked to bring raffle prizes, as a Charity (suggestions) will be selected to be the games Official Charity (can be either local or the Clubs Charity) for that year (***).  This is not a Chapter ride, but a State Vs State, all Members are encouraged to try & attend to make this an Annual event that Members will want to put on their ride calendar ever year because of the great time we all have.  The NSW POC is Macca (Hunter Valley) & Qld – Chainsaw (Qld).

The rules of if you’re either a Cane Toad or a Cockroach are the same; the “Original Chapter” is the Chapter you were 1st patched up at or if patched up outside NSW or Qld, the 1st Chapter in either of these 2 States that you were a Member of.  Members will be representing the State that they initially rode in as a fully patched Member, not the NRL State Team they you follow or the State you live in.  This allows those Members in the MSR-ACT to register under NSW who where patched under the defunct STC-NSW Chapter.  Tots from the Big Bundy Bottle (BBB) will be consumed to celebrate the winning team for those Members still standing after the games.

The Rules of the games will be finalised before the SOO games commence so there is no ambiguity during the games eg:

(a)     Two (2) referees for the footy games, one from each State,

(b)     Black ball must be the last coloured ball on the table to be sunk to win,

(i)     no snookering in the pool game to win,

(ii)    if you sink the white ball off the black you loose

(iii)   sink the black ball before it’s the last coloured ball on the table you loose.

(c)     All beer has to be consumed during the boat race before having a beer shampoo,

(d)     All teams before commencing a game, will have an equal number of participants.

(e)***Graft & Corruption (bribes) will be taken as donations for the chosen Charity during the games for minor infractions to be over looked.