NSW Chapter Run to Holbrook NSW

Date: 21 2015 08:00 Gazunda Run Orders for Holbrook. Ratts will be at the meeting point at Thornleigh. Can I ask the Hunter attendees to familiarize themselves with the route & appoint a road captain for this run. Gazunda Run 21 – 22 November 2015 0710 21 November 2015 Departure PHASE 1: BERESFIELD BP to THORNLEIGH BP Cnr Pennant Hills Rd and Stuart Ave (Approx 130 km & 1 hour 30 min) All members ready to leave Beresfield BP at 0730 for Thornleigh BP via M1 and Pennant Hills Rd. Re-fuel and meet with Sydney members 0900 21 Novembeber 2015 PHASE 2: Thornleigh to Marulan BP (Approx 179 km & 2hr. Exit hume Hwy to Marulan BP (Refuel)) All members ready to leave Thornleigh BP at 0915 for Marulan via Pennant Hills Rd, M2, M7 and Hume Mwy. 1100 21 November 2015 PHASE 3: Marulan BP to Shell Gundagai Dog on the Tuckerbox (DoT) (Approx 202 km & 2hr) All members ready to leave Marulan BP at 1115 for Gundagai via Hume Mwy. 1300 21 Novembeber 2015 PHASE 4: Shell Gundagai DoT to Holbrook (Approx 122 km & 1hr 30min) All members ready to leave Gundagai BP at 1315 for Holbrook Hume Mwy.. 1st Exit from hume Hwy to Holbrook 22 November 2015 PHASE 4: Return trip, at your own pace - COMMAND & SIGNALS. ADMINISTRATION & LOGISTICS. ACCOMMODATION. The Holbrook Hotel 144 Albury St Holbrook Ph 02 6036 2099 21 Beds plenty of beer and food. ask for Wendy mention Roger Cooper sent you. The Skye Motel. 144 Albury St Holbrook Ph 02 6036 2333 talk to Marilyn or Colin The Byer Motor Inn 164 Albury St Holbrook Ph 02 6036 2077 lic restaurant. pool with under cover parking good tucker, talk to Rosie GENERAL Coord and lead from Beresfield to Thornleigh will be ????? Coord and lead from Thornleigh to Holbrook will be Ratts All bikes to arrive at departure points with full tanks and are to be serviceable. There will be no backup vehicle for this ride. RIDING CONDITIONS All roads are sealed and well sign posted. Motorways will have moderate traffic. Traffic from Thornleigh to Holbrook and will range from heavy to light.