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    Patriots Australia is a Military Motorcycle Club for serving, former regular and reserve members of the Australian, Commonwealth and Allied Defence Forces. [..]

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    Three serving members of the Royal Australian Navy started the Club in 1993. These individuals considered that there was a need for military personnel with a common love of motorcycles, to have a contact point wherever they were posted. [..]

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    To provide an organisation dedicated to members and their families with a common interest in motorcycles. To have members throughout the States and Territories, to provide a social camaraderie for current serving and ex-serving members of the Defence Force. [..]

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    We do not tolerate, wannabe's ,drugs, violence or theft, we believe in the non-sexist policy promoted by the ADF and NZDF. Within the Club, we have ex Korea, Malaya/Borneo, Vietnam, Somalia, Gulf, Afghanistan and Timor Veterans and Peacekeepers [..]

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    Our “badge” denotes the three services that our members served in, the colour red, this signifies the blood shed by the men and women in past conflicts, the skull and black beret is to mourn those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice and white is for the peace members have fought for, and won. [..]

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Patriots Australia

A DFWA letter


The members of the military superannuation schemes, administered by the Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation (CSC), were looking forward to getting their voice heard at the Royal Commission into banking and superannuation. However, the draft Terms of Reference excludes examination of a Commonwealth financial service entity or company, letting CSC and the government off the hook.

CSC is failing to look after ADF members in many areas and there are instances where it consistently fails to comply with the Superannuation Industry Supervision Act. The most pressing at present is where injured and ill veterans are discharged for medical reasons and CSC mis-reports the nature of Invalidity Benefit payments. This mis-reporting to the ATO and Family Court, results in severe financial penalties and increased stress on already traumatised veterans. CSC reports the payments as “lifetime pensions” when clearly they are not. The medical status and payments get reviewed regularly and can and do go up and down, sometimes to nothing. Clearly not lifetime! The reviews and uncertainty are stressful in themselves without CSC then denying the payments get reviewed,

In the interests of fairness for ADF members, the Defence Force Welfare Association (Qld) calls on the government to put the Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation military superannuation funds management under the same scrutiny being applied to the industry superannuation funds.  Remove the exclusion from the Terms of Reference.

In the ADF, it is called “Leading by Example” – it is time politicians showed they can!


John Lowis


Mob: 0439 1925 74


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Chapter News

Tamworth Shannons Motor show with Barwon NSW & Hunter Valley Members 05 May 18

Category: Chapter news

The Members of the NSW Barwon & Hunter Valley Chapters put on a promotion drive at the Tamworth Shannons Motor Show the weekend of May 5th 18.


Patriots Australia Riverina Chapter ride across the Riverina for charity

Category: Chapter news

Well done Riverina Chapter, click more for further details.


Moreton Bay Chapter 2017 Tattoo & Rockabilly Show

Category: Chapter news

Moreton Bay Chapter hold their annual Tattoo and Rockabilly Show, in the process raising $2000.00 for Legacy!


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About Us

Patriots Australia is a motorcycle club for regular, reserve and ex-serving members of the defence force (Army, Navy and Air Force) Patriots Australia has been around since 1993 and were established because at one time or another, most of us would have liked to join an established club, but found that due to constant postings, this became difficult to achieve.

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  • Chapter of the Year
    Congratulations to Hunter Valley who have been awarded Chapter of the Year for 2017.
  • Patriot of the Year
    Congratulations to Chainsaw who has been awarded Patriot of the Year for 2017.

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