Patriots Australia [The Club], is a Military Motorcycle Club (MMC) for Regular, Reserve and ex-Serving Members of the Australian or Allied Defence Forces (Navy, Army and Air Force), Patriots Australia (Inc) MMC was established in 1993 predominately for the benefit of Serving personnel with an interest in riding and socialising with like minded individuals, constant postings hindered the ability to settle into local Clubs. The formation and establishment of Patriots Australia MMC across the country enabled Members to join and maintain their Membership of the Club throughout their Military Service including deployments and postings, and into their retirement from the Services. This Ethos has served the Club well and we are now in our 26th year. Patriots Australia MMC have Chapters in near all States and Territories, so there is always fellowship, support and camaraderie with fellow bike riders available where ever they travel, there are now Patriot organisations in New Zealand, the United Kingdom, USA and South Africa who also provide the same welcome to our Members. Each year we hold an National Annual General Meeting (NAGM) in a different State /Territory, this is so we can ride, meet, socialise and discuss the Clubs past, present and future. The Australian and New Zealand Patriots are both run within the Department of Defence guidelines, we do not allow drugs or violence and we promote the non-sexist policies promoted by the Department of Defence.  We are purely an organisation that loves motorcycles, and enjoys the camaraderie of other Service personnel and consider ourselves a Military Motorcycle Club (MMC). We are a family oriented Club and as such invite Serving and ex-Serving Members to happily bring along their families & friends to our functions.
Our Purpose is to provide an organisation dedicated to Members and their families with a common interest in motorcycles. To have Members throughout the States and Territories, to provide a social camaraderie for current Serving and ex-Serving Members of the Defence Force. To generate interest between Members of the Club in providing support, both physical and financial, to charitable Organisations. Our Members form a proud and loyal brotherhood who share the bond of Military service, all of whom have dedicated a part of their lives in the Defence of Freedom for their Country. We do not discriminate on the basis of gender, unless it directly affects their safety & well being, Nationality, orientation or creed. Having served to protect democratic principles, we support the right to freedom of speech and the legal rights of all individuals. We do not support any form of criminal activity or illegal act that contravenes Commonwealth or State Law.


POC: Bullet Head

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