WA Great Southern Chapter

Address: WA Great Southern

The Great Southern Chapter of Patriots Australia has been formed in Albany to support Patriots living in the area and also the local community.  We have a diverse range of ages and skills in our Chapter but we all pull together when required as would be expected of any Patriot Chapter in Australia.  We even bear a couple of Pussers in our midst.

We operate in the great Southern region of Western Australia and regularly attend other Chapter functions and rides.

We look forward to growing our Chapter and integrating with the local community.


WA Great Southern Executive Committee.

President: Jimmy; wags_pres@patriots-australia.com; - 0427 709 967

Vice Pres: Furbag; wags_vp@patriots-australia.com; 0427 042 233

Secretary: Strawb; wags_sec@patriots-australia.com; 0419 935 506

Treasurer: Mo; wags_tres@patriots-australia.com; 0427 519 236

S@Arms: Tilbs; wags_saa@patriots-australia.com; 0400 434 493

Road Captain: Furbag; wags_rc@patriots-australia.com;

President:  Jimmy
Vice President:  Furbag
Secretary:  Strawb
Treasurer:  Mo
Sgt At Arms:  Tilbs
Road Captain:  Furbag
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