WA Murray Peel Chapter

Patriots Australia Murray Peel Chapter:
Patriots Australia is a Military Motorcycle Club (MMC) for Regular, Reserve and Ex-Serving Members of the Defence Force (Army, Navy and Air Force).
Patriots Australia MMC have been around since 1993 and were established because at one time or another, most of us would have liked to join an established club, but found that due to constant postings, this became difficult to achieve.
The club has grown to the stage now, that we have a Chapter or sub-Chapter in most States / Territories of Australia and there are Chapter's in New Zealand also!  We have Patriot friends in both the United Kingdom and United States who also provide the same welcome to Members worldwide.
Each year we hold an Annual General Meeting in a different State / Terrritory, so that we can meet and discuss about the Club and also meet fellow Patriots from around Australia.
The Australian and New Zealand Chapters are both run in strict accordance within the Department of Defence guidelines.  We do not allow drugs or violence and we believe the non-sexist policy promoted by the Department of Defence.
We are a family oriented Club and as such invite serving and Ex-Serving Members to happily bring along their families to our functions.
Patriots Australia MMC Purpose:
To provide an organization dedicated to Members and their families with a common interest in motorcycles.
To have Members throughout the State and Country, to provide a social camaraderie for current serving and Ex-Serving Members of the Defence Force.
To generate interest between Members of the Club in providing support, both physical and financial, to charitable organizations.
We hold a monthly meeting and we have a minimum of one ride per month; either a day ride or an over-nighter these events are listed on the Patriots WA web site or via the POC listed below
Feel free to contact the Secretary for dates and location.  The Murray Peel Chapter Member’s often hold BBQ and attend social events together; we look out for each other and help each other out when one of us needs a hand.  We are a bunch of serving and Ex-Serving Members who like to ride motorbikes but we are as much about riding as we are about old school values.
President:  Barron
Vice President:  Jimmy
Secretary:  Johno
Treasurer:  Barron
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