Patriots Australia QLD & NSW State of Origin

To all the Members, Associates, Noms, Supporters & Civilians that were there to celebrate the 3rd SOO (2018).  The NSWSC & I thank everyone for making the pilgrimage to Uralla (NSW) & I hope to see you & those that you drag, persuade, intimidate, induce & bribe to come for the 4th SOO in February 2019.  This event is getting bigger every year, we had representatives from the MSR-ACT this year, Smokie, Shackles & Mappo, thanks for coming along to join in.  We just need to get those other Chapters to come over the Hawkesbury River, then we will be on a footing to keep the Shield for another year.

If you look at the amount of photos that have been promulgated on different Face book accounts, you will see that we had a great time, as we have every year since the 1st SOO.

Some of us arrived on the Friday Avo, after battling the rain, fog & wind, we arrived to a beautiful day at Uralla, we (sic) seem to score a great weekend for the SOO every year (hope I haven’t put the mocha on for next year).  After getting my Room at the Thunderbolt Motor Inn next door to the Bottom Pub, met up with the others staying there, once we freshened up, we wandered over, through the short cut to the back door of the pub, to meet the rest of the Troops who had turned up.  After some replenishing ales, we sat down for a meal, then adjourned for some amber refreshment (not too many), spun some warries, then headed to bed for the big day on Saturday.

Woke to another beautiful sunny (but cool in you’re from the coast or Qld) day, walked with others to the Footy ground to browse the local country market stalls,  the wives & girlfriends had fun.  After checking everything out, wandered back to the Bottom Pub to wait the arrival of the Qld crew.  Started to worry when we received a text that they where 3 hours up the road & 4 hours later, they turned up, didn’t know it took an hour to pull over to put your Maroon shirt on to look good when you ride in, least Macca & Sharny flew the Blues colours at the rear of the pack.

After the obligatory handshakes, man hugs & back slapping (some blading was done as well) we gathered our roadies & ventured off to the back forty, mowed by Nick, the new owner of the Bottom Pub, smart move to keep us there & not at the Footy field up the road.  As the teams lined up on opposing sides, the hostages where released,  An old tradition (goes back ages, well 3 years so far), those Members living in the opposing Teams State, cross the field of battle (hoping not to trip over) & line up with their fellow Statesman (& women).  The Officials huddled together to work out the rules for the games to be played, once all was sorted.  LET THE GAMES BEGIN.

Game 1.           Pass the Ball, an even number of players (those not suffering any battle damage) lined up, the way it’s played, the is 1st in line, runs to the end of the row, were they hand it off to the last Member.  They have to run around a cone & race to the front, around another cone, then back to the line to hand the ball off to the next player.  This goes on till the 1st Member is back where they started from, they are the winners.  It was neck & neck until Rocket (Barwon Chapter) went down, (hard) out to it for a minute (not allowed on the field next year, has adjudicating rolls on the sideline) was like watching a show of ER, everybody was helping him back up, the girls kept a watchful eye on him till he recovered.  He bruised his knuckles, made for interesting riding on the way home, least he only had to ride back to Tamworth, 93 kliks down the road.  The game commence again, the teams were evened out, but with NSW fired up, they went on to win.  Game 1 to NSW.

Game 2.           The kicking game, as before, two equal teams lined up, the distance was paced out by Mojo (Game Official, who ever gave him that referees whistle, needs shooting) the cheer squads lined up at each end to barrack on their respective States & mates.  Doesn’t matter what Qld say, there was NO! cross wind, just some wobbly boots.  NSW won 3 to 1, Qld was close on a couple occasions, as was NSW, but some missed by miles (that for the younger Members, is a long way).  Game 2 to NSW.

Game 3.           The Game of Touch, those who have been there the 2 years previous have seen this game go from Touch to Tag to full on Contact (it gets ugly real quick, that’s when some realised that their mind thinks it’s younger than their bodies, by decades).  This year Mojo, to his credit, umpired the game with fairness (some would say bullshit) Diesel & I had a war of words on the sideline as to the rules applied by the Ref & to the infinite skill of our players (& the lack of Qld ability to play fairly).  NSW was victorious 3 : 1.  Game 3 to NSW & the Shield was New South Wales for the 1st time.  Oh!!! the taste of Victory is soooo sweet.

We then adjourned to the Pool room of the Bottom Pub after players went off to freshen up (some of the more mature participants did need it, to catch their breath).

Game 4.           The Pool Comp went the way of Qld 2 to 1.  Santa, once again showed his skills on how he spend his misspent youth, but as they say “Arse beats Class any day” & Qld players have plenty of arse.  Game 4 to Qld.  The ability of some of the Qld players to place the Black ball in a position that is impossible to hit, is amazing.

Game 5.           The Boat Race, the final gamer of the evening before the festivities can commence, once again those big mouth Queenslanders won the Boat race, 3 years in a row.  Game 5to Qld.  Pretty hard when you have Mojo there to start for the Cane Toads, one minute the schooner is there sitting on his lap & then gone!!, straight down, schooner on head.  Next year, will be different, NSW had some Members there, but due to restrictions (MC Drivers) on the night, couldn’t participate (we sprung it on them to join in out of the blue, good try, but as say “There’s always next year)