Ride for The Younger Heroes:

Ride for The Younger Heroes:

In mid June, Daisy was contacted by the RSL WA for the Club to help Glen Swift ride from Perth to Sydney to raise the awareness for our “Young Heroes”.  Barwon Chapter jumped at the chance to show the colours when he rode through Dubbo.

On Saturday 28th July, members of Patriots Australia MMC had the honour of meeting Glenn Swift on his bicycle ride from Perth to Sydney in support of the excellent work being done by The Younger Heroes group.

Rain fell on Dubbo for  the first time in a long while so it  was a (and I quote)” a wet, tired and emotional” Glenn that I met 6 kms west of town. After a quick chat he pushed on towards Dubbo and I met up with the rest of our escort closer to town.

Barwon Chapter escort consisted of Tallie (VP), Leo (SAA), Dobby and KB on bikes ably supported by Ozzie ,Janine and Ann on 4 wheels.

After a light flashing 4 km escort to Dubbo’s Cenotaph it was introductions all round while we waited on the local press photographer. Photo’s taken, Glenn and Tallie laid a wreath and Tallie recited the Ode.

Glenn then spoke to the Press about his journey and how it came about and the workings of  The Younger Heroes. Glenn declined offers of a meal and drink as all he wanted was to shower and sleep

We then escorted him to his motel and made our goodbyes wishing him  safe travels. It was then back to Casa del Dobby for food, drinks and good company.

We all found Glenn to be a most impressive individual. As he told us he never got to serve but if he had he would made a fine addition to our Military.

Just a few thoughts:

1. This was a no-brainer in the field of helping a good cause while getting positive Media for our club and motorcyclists in general.

2. These activities also may attract new members who will see the press and wish to be a part of our club.

3. I was asked for my details for a possible follow up interview which I will use to promote our club, (with your Blessing).

4. Many thanks to those who made the trip West straight after a previous weekend away.

5. Please feel free to edit/amend as you see fit.


Your Humble Soldier,

Dobby 1549


Hi Bill-

Thanks so much for the call last night especially in light of your long day of riding!

As promised please see below info:

1 Estimated date for arrival into Dubbo is still 28- July.  It’s a 170km day for him so I would expect him before or around 4 pm.  His route path has him coming from Nyngan.  Looks like his accommodation plan for the night is at the Comfort Inn Blue Lagoon.

2 Link for Facebook and Go Fund me:

a. www.facebook.com/GlennSwiftLYD  (Can click the Donate Now button from here and get to the Go Fund Me page also)

b. www.goo.gl/Gtc542 (Direct access to Go Fund Me)

c. https://www.strava.com/athletes/8583726#_=_      (Ride Tracking site)

Please let me know if I forgot anything.  Thanks again for such outstanding support, thanks a million