2020 NSW V's Qld State of Origin

To all NSW & Qld Chapter Members, the challenge is on again to hold the State of Origin (SOO) Shield high, this year.  The NSW V’s Qld SOO 'Mate on Mate' will be on the 21st & 22nd March 2020 at the Barwon Chapter Clubhouse at Bingara NSW.  All those Members & guests who have been there before will tell you how great a time was had by all.  Well worth the Ride.  The Cane Toads won last year, so they’ll be organising this years events to give everyone a chance to win for their respective State.  Each year the SOO has grown biggerer & biggerer each year, with more finding out what fun is to be had.  The more the merrier Patriots who can be there this year, we will be helping the people of Bingara who are still in the middle of a drought & if this rain continues, could be flooding.  Graft & corruption is encouraged all for a good cause.

Keep watching this space, as when the Registration Form comes out, it will be send out to all the Chapters.