Purchasing PAMMC Merchandise


To all Members, there is a Merchandise page on the National website.  To access, log on using your username (Ride name) & password, any problems, contact administration@patriots-australia.com with your query.  When you have signed in, WELCOME THE THE PATRIOTS AUSTRALIA MMC NATIONAL WEBSITE will appear, below the logo is a short spiel, with a link to the Merchandise page.
This issue of purchasing Merchandise & providers, has been an on going concern, going back 20 years, so this not nothing new.  At the 2008 NAGM, it was decreed that PAMMC would use a Trademarked Logo on our Merchandise, as different variants were being used.  Over the years, we have gained the Members who have taken the this issue by the bit & run with it.  To ensure that now, for a Member to receive the Merchandise they require, is just a call or click away from getting what you want for yourself or the Chapter.

There are Chapters & Providers that can supply Merchandise, they are:

1. The Adelaide Chapter - contact Ned adelaide_sec@patriots-australia.com

2. The Riverina Chapter - contact Big Q signs@cootasigns.com.au
3. Absolute Embroidery (Qld)  - contact Linda http://abpromo.com.au/
4. The Townsville Chapter - contact Scrat https://www.patriotstownsville.com/ or patc.cq@gmail.com

5. Embroidery Design (WA) - contact Colin colinscott4@bigpond.com  

Hoping in the not to far distant future, there will be a National Merchandising Officer (NQM) The Merchandise Officer (NQM) would be the point of contact for all Chapter QM to answer any queries.  This has been a long time coming.


Before anyone thinks of producing or supplying any Merchandise, ensure you check with the National Secretary 1st & make sure what you want to produce:

1. Isn’t already out there,

2. that anyone above could produce it for you, saving you the initial set up costs,

3. You’re not encroaching on someone else's Merchandise sales &

4. That there is a requirement for it, for Members, Associates, Supporters & SYLP