Veterans Benefits Australia programs for Gold and eligible White cardholders.

Free Online Art Therapy mindfulness programs for Gold and eligible White cardholders. 

We help veterans with mental ailments, like PTSD, depression & anxiety through a custom created mindfulness program and online art therapy program.

All levels welcome, this course isn't about becoming the best artist or doing the best piece of artwork possible, its all about mindfulness and helping you to manage your mental health and promote an inner feeling of peace of wellbeing. Our expert staff provide a 360 degree approach to mental wellness that has helped military veterans all over the country. ????????

️ Speak with an experienced psychologist
????‍♂️ Learn meditation and mindfulness techniques
 Access the Free online art therapy platform to practice these techniques

Apply now and one of our friendly team will get in contact with you in the next 24-48 hours with more information.
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Benefits of the program:
All online and done from home
✅Slow down and relax your mind
✅Learn relaxation techniques
✅Techniques to help with everyday life
✅Calmed response to stressors
✅Individual counselling available
✅New perspective on perceived problems in life
✅Renewed sense of purpose
✅Greater appreciation for the small things in life
✅Reduces anxiety and anxious thoughts
✅Assists with Depression and PTSD
✅Classes are recorded so you can complete whenever you like

This is service is available and fully funded for DVA Gold & Eligible White cardholders. 

Inner peace doesn’t happen overnight.
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