2021 SOO Winners are "Queensland" again

Queensland won the 2021 for another year.  NSW, just so happens to be conducting their State AGM on the same weekend as the 2022 SOO, this will make it an interesting contest that year.  Qld have always had the superior numbers in the years past, credit to them, travelling all the way down to show the maroon flag.  All those who attended which also included Members from the Military Brotherhood for the past 2nd year & our friendly next door neighbour VMC Member, who keeps a watchful eye on the Barwon Clubhouse when they are not there.

By all accounts, the 2021 SOO was another great success, as it has been since 2016 & hopefully years to come.  All Members are encouraged to try & keep the last weekend in March which happens to be the 1st Equinox of the year, free to join in the camaraderie ship, festivities, the many activities conducted on the day & a quenching ale to cheer on the contestants.