2022 SOO sadly postponed

To all NSW & Qld Members, it is with great regret that the 2022 SOO has to be postponed.  The main culprit behind this is Murphy's Law & other contributing factors, will not bore you with what happens when given misinformation & fore, fifth & sixth thought wasn't factored in.  This will give everyone (NSW & Qld) 12 months to get organised eg. Leave, accommodation, registrations etc etc.  So we can make up for 2022, will also allow for teams to practice their individual skills eg. so there will be no spillage during the Boat Race & what tells to make for Euchre etc.  So Members can plan ahead for their State & Chapter Ride calendars, the 2023 SOO will be held on the 18th March 2023 (3rd weekend, as it has always been) at the Barwon Chapter Clubhouse, Bingara.   Corner of Herbert & Frazer Streets.  Ref link below.
Further updates will be released as required, we apologise for any inconvenience & will endeavor it doesn't happen again, but just remember, nothing is ADF proof.


Secretary Barwon Chapter,

contact email)  barwon_sec@patriots-australia.com