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Patriots Australia National AGM. for 2022 will be held in Port Augusta.

Date: 03/23/22 08:00 to 10/10/22 23:00
Summary: PAMMC NAGM. for 2022 will be held in Port Augusta. Registration fee is $150.00 per person.
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- The ANZAC Day ride to Bingara is cancelled. I know that a few of us had planned to ride to Bingara for the day. In reality, this would be pointless as nothing will be open. Members are urged to stay home, watch whatever service is shown on tele.  If you wish to pay your respects, consider just quietly slipping to your nearest cenotaph and laying a wreath, a few minutes of quiet reflection, and home.  Don't make a big deal about it. Moments like this are for you as a former service person. This is what we do, this is how we roll in the Barwon.

Tallie and I, along with KB, will be having a quiet scotch whilst listening to the Last Post, and maintaining our 1.5m distance.  It is not the same as the real deal, but we are not going to forget the past.

- Please resist the urge to put crap on Facebook or other social media platforms.  There is too much rubbish on there already. It is bloody frustrating to see the same thing being resent a dozen times a day, and saying nothing.  Facebook has turned into a pissing competition, and I know that there are some of us that no longer use it.  It is a good tool for the Chapter to keep in touch, so how about when you have something to put out to Chapter members, you ensure that you put it in the Barwon Chapter page, not the every man and his bloody dog page.  To be honest, I don't care about who is having breakfast with someone else in a town that I am never likely to be in, or the one upmanship that seems to prevalent.  Use the Chapter page to put up some photos of how you are coping with the current situation, use it for Chapter socialising. I've seen a picky of Dobby's bike.  I need to look into this a little more, but it is something that we can use to keep in touch.

Daisy has suggested that members contact, or be contacted on a regular basis.  Wednesday is his suggestion.  I am happy to do this via the Chapter page, along with little stories or pickies.

- Another important item is confidentiality.  If a member contracts the virus, Daisy is to be notified.  You can do this either via myself, or directly to Daisy. Strictest confidentiality will be maintained.  Do not put this on any social media.

Read and head the email below from the National President,

Do the common sense stuff, keep healthy, look after each other.

If you need help, ask for it, don't try and do this on your own.


Keep safe,




Barwon Chapter PAMMC